wupwup meets aufguss / pratersauna vienna / 01-04-2011


Once in a while some amazing things come together. This one for example is one of that kind: PratersaunaAufguss – Seuil – Half Baked & wupwup are coming together for an one-off terra giga mega happening on the 1st of April.

Aufguss, the monthly institution of the Pratersauna, is hosting this great night. On one floor SEUIL will make your evening special. He has released on the best labels of Europe, including Moon Harbour, Eklo and Freak’n’Chic and the friends he brings along won’t be any worse!

The Pratersauna World Exchange Tour brings HALF BAKED to Vienna. The underground nights of this collective show that London is a good spot for Techno. Just watch the videos online, amazing!

The international collective and label wupwup returns to the Pratersauna. This time with Dortmunds DYNAMODYSE, who has released great tracks on We Play House, DAVID GOLDBERG, Berlins aspiring talent and ALEX BAYER, Munichs and Viennas Deep-House-Specialist and part of Lewd & Loud, the Bavarian off-location series!

Leave the April-jokes outside and hulla hub with us. tanzen ist auch sport.

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