wupwup001 / lux repeat - passing the light barrier ep



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Steve Martin once said about music: “It’s like dancing to architecture.” Lux Repeats Debut EP “Passing The Light Barrier”, released on the international collective "wupwup" definitely has a big architecture in its backbone. The release shows influences by Street Style Urban Music like Flying Lotus, electronic music from LFO to Laurent Garnier, art punk like Ikara Colt, various 80s and 90s artists and a lot more which may let you think Lux Repeat could be the Wikipedia of music styles. The Italian artist tries to max all these influences out, to experiment but also to develop a certain homogeny in the entire release. Wupwup couldn't resist, same as you wont!

Croatian designer Viktor Matic is the head behind a very fresh visual language for the cover motive which is developed with the use of different analogue and digital techniques. It plays with our perception of reality and fits therefore with the broad harmonies of the music of the release.
For the Track “Avoiding You” German multimedia artist Bartholomäus Traubeck created a video made almost entirely with Google Earth. Artificial landscapes, sometimes pixeled, work on the atmosphere the track is providing. It’s a visual extension worth seeing and the video portal Vimeo added it to the “Staff Picks Channel”. What a honor!