ww000 / surprise


>>> D O W N L O A D   T H E   F U L L   R E L E A S E

(ca. 90mb incl. front & back cover)

Surprise surprise! Wupwup presents this free digital release with tracks from our family members and our dearest friends. We want to show you what our “four-to-the-floor-department” looks like and the spectrum of electronic music we cover. The release starts with our new member Alex Bayer, who developed “Praise Jehova” a track with psychedelic vocals and atmospheric deep techno. Our friends Autre from Venice, with various releases on IANVS71, show us that deepness is king and gave us “Sessún”: A lovely track, which reminds us what it’s like to the jump into a pool on hot summer days. If you like it trippy, we suggest strongly David Goldberg – “Cycling”. The Berlin-based producer shows us an abstract, weird piece of work, we can’t categorize: Is it Techno?  Is it House? We would just say: it’s great. Croatian Dj kurz&vogel and his track “String The Bells” has some kind of deformed woodwind-sample and with a minimalistic melody, but a strange sequencing… but in a good way. Italian Houseman Reroux plays with field recordings and a Japanese phone-call-sample and creates in “Japon” an interesting atmosphere. Last but, of course not, least is Antonio Olivieri and his track Blackout - a piece that works cause of an intuitive piano sample and a wonderful production between techno, minimal and house. We hope you enjoy this ride!
The wupwup-family.